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Information Technology: Transforming How the Clinical Data is managed

Technology is playing a vital role in almost all processes, from patient registration to data monitoring, from lab tests to self-care tools –transforming throughout the entire health services industry.

Almost from one and half decade , with the evolution of internet and smart phone devices the communication between the patient and physician or doctor has been stepped ahead, without face to face interaction patients are consulting doctors around the world.

For Clinical Data, Information Technology facilitates the availability of important information to patient and doctors without any misinterpretation. To acquire, to store and to retrieve the information the software’s are essential. Here are some of the technology aspects which transformed the data management in Clinics widely and still changing…

Clinical Research and Clinical Data Management:

With the help of software tools, Clinical Trail Data is been managed in a more swiftly and predictable manner by reducing the time and producing more accurate results for the Clinical Research Industry to fall back with tools such as ClinTrial, Macro, eClinical Suite were used in the Clinical Data Management for CRF(Case Report Form) designing, CRF annotation, database designing, data-entry, data validation, discrepancy management and data extraction at the sponsor or CRO site, where as Pharmacovigilance software like Argus, ArisGlobal, PvNETwere …

  1. Patient Scheduling:

Fixing the appointment for doctor has a great significance. The software enables to fix the appointment. Electronic health records (EHR) software includes some scheduling functions.

2.  Electronic Health Records (EHR)

In Clinical Data Management EHR occupies a prominent place. In EHR records are maintained in the software which includes the prescription, patient address, tablets, next appointment, test reports etc. It is very useful for the both patient and doctor to treat the patient well. It also lessens the frequent diagnosis.

  1. Billing

Authentic billing software’s helps the Clinical Data Management to find the patient bills easily whenever needed. Integration with the Electronic health record and Lab enables the billing software to process the bill statement timely and without any error. These systems also help to generate patient statements, manage funds and develop financial reports.

Dedicated billing software is required for corporate hospitals when hospitals outsourcing the billing segment to a third-party service, which would take a percentage of the billing collections.  Anyway, tiny Clinics don’t need a separate accounting section, since medical billing units handle patient accounts, payments, printing statements and running reports.

  1. Patient Portal

A secure website gives patients all time access to messages, services and information from practice. That includes reviewing medical records, paying bills, booking appointments, requesting medication refills and more.

  1. Telemedicine

A technology which supports remote medical services, like video consultations, virtual monitoring and remote evaluations.

Clinics or Hospital staff does not possess the requisite knowledge of software’s; the staff should be acquainted with both software’s and pharmacy knowledge.

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