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Interview Tips for Fresher’s:

Dear Fresher’s

Most of the corporate company’s looks for following qualities when they want to recruit a fresher…those skills are Communication

  • Stability
  • Domain knowledge
  • Attitude
  • Learning curve
  • Adaptive

The recently published statistics suggest that the % of employable FRESH GRADUATE candidates is less than the double digits. For example the engineering graduate’s eligible for employment is at a meagre 9% in Telangana state and the same is reflected for life science & Pharmacy sector which is no difference since most of them having degrees but no skills for getting a sure shot JOB.

So let’s move over and look above graduation which is to enhance / horn skills.

Skillset /Industry ready /Employable are all having one meaning .Which means candidature exhibits acceptable level of Presentation skills with good subject knowledge. (Here we have to note the word Presentations skills, which is now the clinching element to be successful in Interviews)

In conclusion, Fresher’s if you are willing to start on a high note (MNC/Reputed Indian Company) at the beginning of your career then you divert your focus towards these points otherwise if you get a job after 1 year of efforts, then it is meant that you delayed your success by one year.

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