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A dream career for aspirants is well within reach, provided they develop the knack of optimism and hard work. For instance, a career in say ‘clinical research’ most essentially requires the hard and soft skills that are provided through effective training programs. However, in addition to the above, a ‘positive attitude’ is like a feather in the cap to have an edge in this competitive world.

Job interviews are those short but very crucial hours, where your performance determines the outcome. Along with being well-prepared, your positive frame of mind, helps you beat the blues of anxiety and perform with confidence!

This reminds me of an anecdote on positive thinking that was told to us by a successful veteran from the field of clinical research:

Once a tender was issued by a government to various contractors for building a tunnel connecting two important places. The stretch of the tunnel was to be nearly45 km and many contractors offered their bid. The company that offered the least among quotations, was considered. This company however only had two members; Tim and Murphy! They were asked:

“How can your company with only two members manage the entire stretch of this tunnel?”

Tim said with confidence, “We can manage it very well, only that it may take a little longer, Sir”.

The official then asked, “Alright, we do not mind that but how will you know where to start or end?”

Murphy said, “Sir, I will begin the digging of the tunnel from the start point while Tim will do the digging from the endpoint. We will stop digging when we both meet from either of the ends!”

The official asked in doubt, “What if you both do not happen to meet at all?”

Tim answered, “No worries Sir, you would then have two tunnels at the price of one!”

The official indeed handed over the project to Tim and Murphy because of their optimism and positive outlook!! Such is its power!

Attitude shows as confidence and confidence shows up as the “seven C’s” of communication while you speak:






Positive thinking helps create value for your existing abilities. Your growth does not merely depend on the environment, but majorly on your attitude that can transform any opportunity to growth!

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