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Scope of clinical research career for dentistry

Clinical research is one of the most sought after courses and its demand is increasing day by day. The demand for professionals in clinical research is increasing gradually. It is a very interesting career option. Due to the development of new diseases clinical research has become immensely important and has gained considerable popularity. When it comes to medicine clinical research includes the study of various scientific risks, benefits and adverse effects of various medicines. Various trials are undertaken before the medicine is released in the market.

There is a lot of scope in dentistry in the field of clinical research. The clinical research industry has an impressive package for beginners and increases more so with passage of time and the student’s experience.  A person who has competed BDS can work as a medical advisor, clinical research physician, drug developer or principal investigator. Both public and private sector firms wish to employ dentists in the field of clinical research with attractive pay packages. Therefore there is immense scope in clinical research after BDS Course.

The field of clinical research is undergoing a lot of changes in terms of instrumentation, scope and technology. Nowadays it includes increased application of computer technology in diagnostic science, biotechnological processes and clinical measurements.

The increase in the incidence of oral diseases has further increased the need for clinical research. The focus is to discover more of etiological factors and its pathogenesis.

Funding for clinical research is imperative because if significant discoveries are made then the occurrence and deaths can be controlled and the expenditure in government hospitals will be reduced. The research includes proper treatment, product quality and functioning of materials and instruments required in orthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and pedodontics.  Oral hygiene materials and methods are also areas of clinical research. Behavioural studies like acceptance of treatment by the patient, preventive procedures and health promotion are also areas of concern. Major etiological factors like plaque control and tobacco de-addiction by changing behaviour patterns are also under the scope of clinical dentistry.

The principle hurdle in the field of clinical research is inadequate funding by government or health agencies.

India is gradually becoming a hub for clinical research. There is a massive demand for clinical research professionals making it a very interesting career option. You can also become a bio-statistician who are to perform statistical programming, design and analysis for clinical procedures.

Another career option Clinical Research Jobs is CRM or Clinical Research Managers who supervise designs, writing of protocols and case report forms.

Other posts include Clinical Research Coordinator, Business development manager, Clinical Research Investigator, Clinical Data Manager, etc.

If you are keenly interested in upgrading yourself there is a lot of chance of development in this field. Clinical research is a field where experience counts. Therefore longer you are in this field, the more you can earn.

India is evolving in these fields and there are chances that it might lead the world. India is in the field of clinical research for a long time now and is now on its way to grab focus. So you can definitely give it a thought and try out an unconventional career option.

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