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Every person has unique strengths, interests and passionate about doing something close to heart. When you are as a student you all are been told by a college or you have been told in forums/conferences by eminent speakers or some of our family members might have guided you when the discussion was on your CAREER.

What you should choose right after Graduation???….

Most of you might have heard about these important career-making decision points…which are

  1. Choose a Career which you are passionate about which you enjoying doingIn short when you choose a field of your choice your paid salary for what you love doing, for example, a chef who enjoys cooking but he gets paid as well.
  2. Choose a CAREER which complements your personality and Likings/interests.  
  3. Definitely, you should analyze/research a field before jumping into it… such as…what is its current market scenario, its past performance and most importantly how it will be down the line, say 10 years or 20 years later.
  4. Never choose a field of CAREER by blindly following your peers, that s called HERD mentality.  
  5. Always choose a field which will give you a secure long term CAREER, unlike jobs in which you will keep hopping every 1 year and that spoils one’s stability quotient. Never ever get into the trap of easy jobs for monetary gains, which will not long last has you will never enjoy doing them..for example Publications jobs, B.P.O call center jobs, Insurance Claims Jobs, Night shift jobs etc. In short, always choose CORE field jobs.

Having heard a number of times above points during our college days and having synchronized with these thoughts… CLINICAL RESEARCH CAREER definitely brings a bouquet of multiple exciting varied opportunities which suits to every individual be it…

  1. If you want a secure, corporate IT’ es Healthcare job (Saturday & Sunday holiday & Cab pick up & Drop)  which provides a salary highest in the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Biomedical any sectors with salaries starting would be 3 lakhs per annum in the Clinical Research sector of Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Data Management profiles.
  2. If you have a research mentality, you like working in hospitals & treating patients and enjoy traveling then such type of personality/individuals can choose Clinical Trial Management domain.  
  3. Or if you are an individual who has administrative skills and enjoys working with documents then nothing more you look elsewhere you can pursue your interest job with Regulatory affairs within Clinical Research sector
  4. Or If you are great in writing skills and having command on English language and with sound medical terminology knowledge you can definitely soar high with Scientific Writing and Medical Writing profiles within the Clinical Research Industry.
  5. And finally, if you are that individual who is good at statistics and analysis then you can choose a profile within Clinical Research, a domain called Clinical SAS which would explore your healthcare background and programming skills to grab a plum position with salaries as good as 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum.       

As it is said Clinical Research has come as a blessing in disguise for all the Pharmacy/Life Science and Medical professionals to make a great a CAREER for last one decade which is been a boon for Healthcare Professionals or otherwise you could have stayed back doing conventional jobs such as Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Production, Research and Development jobs.

A perfect CAREER is awaiting in CLINICAL RESEARCH INDUSTRY to all these below mentioned Qualified freshers to choose a choice of field based on your strengths interest and passion.

Clinical Research Training is important for every candidate. Our student Mohammed Abdul Gani has proven the same. He is speaking about is experience at XCELCAREER. Abdul Gani got placed in a top MNC at Bangalore.

XCELCAREER – A Top-Rated Institute in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance Training

xcelcareer aim is to be the Best Educational Institute in the decade by accomplishing the employability skills of the future generations of Professionals by offering specialized training courses into various healthcare sectors such as Clinical Research, Medical Coding, and Pharma Health Management.


Our Process

  • The eligible candidates are trained by Experienced Trainers directly coming from Industry to give a real-time experience
  • The Candidates are trained in various aspects including communication skills, resume & presentation development
  • Our Placement cell continuously provide support to the candidates for placements


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